First pages are terrible to write, as are first posts. You always make a fool of yourself before anything you wanted to do as even begun to be done or said. You’ve made your first post and already have the audience has left without word and the other half are either hanging around with timid interest or are telling you very interesting places to put your opinions, namely your ass. What I’d like to do on this blog is namely book reviews. I like books about people getting their lives completely fucked up. I like feeling strong feelings about novels, positive and negative ones. I like performing a thorough disembodiment on books I spend money on that waste my finite time. That’s what I want to do. I also would like to document my own life sometimes, the interesting and bizarre things that occur to me. I enjoy amusing people with my own miserable experiences so expect some of those.

Also, I write. I write a lot. Isn’t the picture great?