Hello, how may I hinder you?

Is there an exit I can help you find?

Would you like me to show you all the ways I don’t care?

Do you assume it’s sugar free when it says diet?

What would you do had I really told you about my day?

Have you ever been greeted a hundred times and felt nothing?

Have you ever had someone yell spittle in your face about the price of eggs?

Have you ever wanted to tell someone where they can shove their eggs but cannot?

Do you lie in bed before you sleep thinking about the bitter truth that the nightmare only starts when you put on the uniform?

Do you want me to ask for the correct pronunciation of your name as you do mine, raping it with every rendition?

Can you see me trying to individualise every curt conversation in an attempt to stave away the monotony?

Why do you think I care about the food you eat?

Why do you assume I won’t scold your kids?

Were the screaming brats an accident or did they just follow you into the store?

Do you think I’m smiling at your kids because I think their blatant vandalism is cute?

Have you had the feeling your higher ups despised you from the start?

Why would you go anywhere, let alone to the store, without I.D if you want to buy cigarettes?

How many times do you think I’ve been asked for the cheapest twenty pack?

Do you think I was telling a sick joke when I tell you to enjoy them?

Do you assume I care about your good Samaritan rant about the cost and negative effects of smoking?

Do I look depressed enough to smoke?

Would we be friends were I a customer too?

Is it because I’m smiling you assume I’m happy?

Do you think I like being under your boot?

Is it because you’re on your phone that you assume you can treat me like a self serve?

Do you touch your credit card to the card reader minutes before I’ve finished because you’re genuinely pumped to hear the beep or do you have a learning difficulty in relation to time?

Did you go to a public or private school?

Do you think I care if your bags split before you get home?

Do you think I care whether or not it’s on special?

Is it my personal concern when you pick bruised fruit?

Why don’t you use plastic bags for your fruit?

You do know what’s been on my counter, don’t you?

Do you think I treat the people I like similar to the ones I loathe?

What if our lives were switched?

Will I ever get out of here?

Do you think I like being kicked around?

Do you think I have a chance?

Can you tell how scared I am?

What’s the time?

How long before I finish?

How many shifts do I have left?

I don’t know.