The illusion of trust is a funny thing. We rely on others humanity and empathy to allow ourselves to fall back upon them. It’s a stupid move, but we all do it. So easily they could be holding a knife that we willingly fall onto simply because we took their performance to be convincing. The most devious and apathetic of people can learn to mimic. Nothing has to be genuine. Years mean nothing to them.

Why do you trust your partner you share a bed with not to strangle you in your sleep? Why do you trust your friend to lead you to safety when you’re too drunk to focus? Can you trust your cousin to shine the torch towards you like he promised? It’s probably my most absurd and paranoid belief. But my question still stands: how can we trust when we do not believe in the power of human emotion? 

I don’t want to rely on the fact that I am liked and/or loved. I will not take someone’s word that they would never hurt me. Lies come as easily as truth for some. Wolves can hide anywhere where the wallpaper is thick enough. I think we’ve evolved as a species to become so paranoid of the world around us but so trusting of those we keep close, as if our judgement is enough to keep a murderer at bay. I warn you to be careful.