This is a new series of prompts I am beginning that has been on my mind for awhile now. As I’m writing this I’m fucking exhausted. I’ve had enough sleep but nevertheless I feel as if I am about to pass unconscious at any moment. I am forcing myself to stay awake and to write something productive. So I decided, since I am in this lethargic state, to begin a series of prompts I have had on my mind for awhile now. This is how it goes

I will place a list down below of all the areas on my body. They’re both internal and external. With each day, or every other day, I will write a paragraph or two on this area on my body and why I appreciate it and what it means to live with it. Granted not all of these will revolve around positive body image. Some will be very difficult in the way they force me to recollect on very upsetting circumstances in my life. Nevertheless we’ll push forward and find meaning in all.

Here’s the list: Ears, Eyes, Eyebrows, Hair, Nose, Mouth, Tongue, Freckles, Brain, Shoulders, Neck, Breasts, Nipples, Elbows, Hips, Stomach, Heart, Lungs, Bones, Fingers, Fingernails, Moles, Pelvis, Uterus, Clitoris, Inner Thigh, Ovaries, Liver, Knees, Veins, Arteries, Thigh, Lower Leg, Ankles, Feet, Toes.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, then do it. Simply ask me first as I take great pride in this mission and want to know who’s doing it so I can read it. If there’s an appendage I didn’t mention that you think is personally important then insert it, or if you’re a male alter the sex if you wanna. Just don’t steal the damn idea as that means me and all my internal organs and their weepy stories will have to come and kick the shit out of you. Now that disclosure’s out of he way let’s write. Next post will be my first prompt: ears. Each paragraph will have a picture. This is going to get mature real quick.