I fucking hate my nose. It’s a recent thing. I don’t know what to say about my nose that isn’t rooted in detest so I knew this prompt was going to take awhile. It’s a burden and a home for blackheads and scars from attempting to remove said blackheads. It’s a difficult hate to get around considering how central a nose is to someone’s face. Hating any part of yourself to the point of tears is greatly damaging. However these prompts are also about growth and thanks. I wouldn’t be obliging to this did I not look for a shard of light in the shadowy dark.

There is a cuteness about me that I insist upon in my clothing, my mannerisms, my way of speech. It’s how I enjoy being seen. A round face with large blue eyes helps sell the act. A large nose with a hooked end does not. In fact, it goes against the aesthetic I try to keep and simply goes about making its own. I see this picture and while I despise this lump of cartilage and hollow flesh I see something proud and enchanting, a nobleness within my gentle, meek self that will stand tall if I am shaken or turn away if I am ignored. It is an ugliness that isn’t afraid to be ugly. It is an ugliness that uses its appearance to its advantage. A nose however is not merely a stump.

It is through smells caught on the travelling wind that I recall the most vivid and idyllic memories; a summer or a holiday or simply a long forgotten feeling. Always these smells give me the strongest nostalgia as for a moment I am breathing the same air I did at the top of a lighthouse on Amity Island or the crisp cold gale of a Cornish countryside or even Christmas day. Though occasional, these memories from scent are all the more precious.

So despise you sometimes and without you perhaps I could be prettier. But I am not willing to take that chance and lose you, your strength, and the memories you bring me.