As someone who considers themselves wholly antisocial, I have been all too social recently. In fact, for three days I was supposed to be booked out to the point that home became a pit stop where I kept the good tea and well fitting clothes. I say supposed to be because in the second half of day two while helping my sister move a wardrobe from one end of the peak hour town to another we were rear-ended. I’ve been in crashes before and despite there being a trailer between us and the colliding car it was still fairly brutal. I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s overall quite the same for most car crashes though unlike the previous times I went to hospital for neck pain and illness after getting out of the car. It was a long and arduous experience and will allow me to say ‘yes I’ve ridden in an ambulance’ when the topic comes up in conversation and answer ‘no I didn’t like having a bendy needle in my arm’. I don’t like worrying people though I am hardly opposed to giving people a good scare therefore communicating with my friends that I was in hospital was rather fun (‘WHY DO YOU HAVE A NEEDLE IN YOUR ARM WHERE ARE YOU WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?’). One person didn’t seem too worried. This person was my current partner.

I say he’s a serious man because, as a traditional Australian man, there aren’t many emotions displayed on the outside. What I’ve gathered he feels about me is like a half written essay the day before it’s due, quoting sources that couldn’t hold the weight of a water cracker. His actions speak so much louder than his words. His hand will reach for mine when we are in the car together, a move I boldly went for when this entire whirlpool of a coupling began. He holds me so tight as if I’ve a viscous quality. My previous boyfriend was quiet about his feelings but the serious man is a mute. It’s weird and new and difficult to understand but I’m nevertheless ready to comprehend him and his ways. I asked if he thought I was boring and he said no, though even now I don’t really believe him.

More on the serious man to come.